In 1958,work in Sicily was scarce and so Vincenzo Gibilaro ventured to England on a work permit with his wife Giuseppina to explore new opportunities.

Vincenzo started working in nurseries in the Lee Valley and by 1970 he had his own wooden, one acre block at where they grew cucumbers on bales of hay. Villa Nursery was born.

Through new growing technologies in 1982 they then expanded and upgraded to 1 1/4 acres of new aluminium glass and in an effort to increase harvest, introduced hydroponics

In 1990 Vincenzo’s youngest son, Felice joined the family business. Felice started as a labourer and over time acquired the skills to become a commercial grower as he is today. Through many years of hard work, the Gibilaro family acquired the surrounding land enabling them to expand Villa Nursery.

In 2000, Michael the eldest son left the legal sector in order to join the family business. With Felice’s growing expertise now coupled with the business mind of Michael, Villa Nursery now stands as 30 acres of land, including 14 acres under glass.